Rando Bundle

$129.00 $74.00

Rando is perfect for…

  • Live an awesome, Scare-free life.
  • Don’t let the small stuff get under your skin.
  • Make sure you’re covered for whatever bullsh*t life throws at you.

Why take Rando?

Different obstacles throughout the day call for different CBD solutions. With our Rando bundle, we’ve got you covered no matter what WTF’s life throws your way

Dinner at the in-laws? We got you covered. Long line at the DMV? A breeze. Boss drops a big project on you at 4pm on a Friday? Bring it on. With the Rando bundle, you’re ready for anything.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Our flaship gummies are the perfect CBD gummy bear to help you chill. Packed with added vitamins B12 and D3. they’re reliable for any kind of situation.

Vegan AF Sour CBD Gummies

Our Vegan AF Sour Gumdrops are packed with the same amounts of CBD, B12, and D3 as our flagship gummy bears but are miraculously made with no animal products and are scrumptuously slightly sour.

Sunday Scaries CBD Oil

For an extra dose of CBD, try our CBD Oil. There’s 500mg of CBD plus B12 and D3 in our oil and it’s perfect to take on it’s own under your tongue, or add to your favorite smoothie or tea.


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