Tub Cubs CBD Bath Bomb


Orange, Lemon, and Lavender

Our Gummy Bear shaped CBD Bath Bombs are perfect for…

  • Unwinding after a chaotic day
  • Escaping your parental obligations
  • Decompressing and checking out
  • Promoting mental relaxation
  • Resetting your equilibrium

Directions: Drop 1 Tub Cub in your bathtub when you want to decompress and rehabilitate.

Tub Cubs are our Orange, Lemon, and Lavender CBD Bath Bombs custom formulated to help you destress and recharge. Our CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect solution to eliminating your excessive worrying. Each Tub Cub is designed to help you sweat out the scaries and leave you relaxed and refreshed. They support a relaxed, focused & on-track vibe no matter what day of the week it is. Each Bath Bomb contains 100 MG of CBD per bomb and no THC.

We keep it real in life and with our ingredients

Our CBD is sourced here in the USA. At Sunday Scaries, we follow the chain of custody all the way back to the hemp farms in Greeley, Colorado. Our Founders, Beau and Mike, have personally flown out to meet the farmers in person and explore the farms to ensure our raw materials are of the highest quality.

From there, the mature industrial hemp is transported to our supply chain partner in Denver for testing. This is where the raw hemp plants are processed and refined in a pristine lab that is GMP Certified, Kosher Certified, ISO 9001 audited, licensed by Farm Products Dealer and licensed to operate by the CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment). We always do full panel tests on the raw ingredients to ensure zero residual metals or pesticides exist in the concentrated form.

Once that takes place, the materials are shipped to a manufacturing facility in San Diego. These high-quality products are produced, packed and sealed using a heat induction sealer and shrink wrap. Once sealed, the finished bottles are ready for fulfillment so we can deliver that cool, calm feeling right to your front door step.


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