Meds Biotech Isolate Soft Gel Capsules – 1250mg

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With 1250mg of CBD Isolate


1250 mg


68 g


18.38 mg/g

There’s now a new kind of CBD isolate for people like you who push themselves to go the extra mile. Meds Biotech pharmacist-formulated CBD presents CBD isolate soft gel capsules, a sugar-free, gluten-free CBD experience designed to last, whether you work hard, play hard, or do both. It’s 25mg of all-natural, hemp-derived CBD per capsule — with 50 capsules per bottle — that’s 100 percent THC-free. It’s a no-hassle way to measure your dose of CBD and give yourself the extra boost you need to excel throughout the day.

Meds Biotech CBD Isolate Soft Gels go through a clean CO2 extraction process that filters out everything but the CBD itself, leaving you with a pure, unadulterated capsule that’s additive-free. It’s a unique way to make CBD a part of your everyday lifestyle while keeping a clear mind that allows you to focus on the task ahead.

Try Meds Biotech CBD Isolate Soft Gels today, and give yourself a reliable capsule that you can count on. Like all of our products, these soft gels are lab tested for your safety, guaranteed to meet all of our rigorous safety protocols. We recommend two capsules per serving for the full CBD experience.


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